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  • Evidence indicates that foster care and residential care are complex activities that require rehabilitative and therapeutic approaches and skills.
  • At Family Care, we use psychologically informed practice to improve well-being, educational achievement, placement transition and long term outcomes.
    Andrew O'Reilly – Director of Residential

Therapeutic Services

Family Care delivers therapeutically informed care and education for children and young people, led by a team of qualified therapists


There are not many agencies with a team of in-house therapists available for direct support, but we are not like other agencies.  Our focus is on achieving the best outcomes for young people in our care and to do that, we believe therapeutically informed practice must be a part of this.


"Clearly defined therapeutic approaches enable staff to have a better understanding of how young people’s experiences affect them, considering their emotional needs and fostering resilience."
SCIE Research, 2012
"Consultation is the primary model of ongoing support to teams. Consultation is a formal process, theoretically underpinned and supported by a clear evidence base. It is fully compliant with NICE Guidelines and National Minimum Standards for Children’s Homes."
NICE Guidelines

How do we provide therapeutic support?

We offer therapeutic support to foster carers and staff in several ways.

Through regular individual consultations, all of our services are supported by a team of qualified and experienced therapists as standard.  Consultations support the development, knowledge and skills of foster families and staff teams, so they can confidently address the emotional and mental health needs of young people in their care.

Our therapists can provide therapeutic intervention work for children and young people, and our child support team can provide therapeutic life story work to help children make sense of their early life experiences and how this relates to their thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Additional Therapeutic Interventions are available at a cost both internally and externally.  Our interventions are outlined below:

  • Play Therapy (Individual and Group)
  • Dyadic Developmental Practice
  • Filial Coaching/Mentoring (Individual and Group)
  • Theraplay Based Interventions (individual and Group)

We can also call upon the support of a highly qualified clinical psychologist who we have worked with for many years.

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