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School attendance: 100%

Rated 'outstanding' by Ofsted 2010 to 2015

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Links Avenue


Links children’s home is situated close to Formby and offers high quality care for up to four young people who have a learning disability or physical disability. The home is a detached property set in its own beautiful grounds, close to local amenities. The staff team are settled, highly experienced and have been repeatedly commended for the approach to the care they provide to children and young people.

Why choose Links?
  • Dedicated settled team of highly skilled residential care workers
  • Can provide high levels of care & support within a family sized home
  • Links has a track record for delivering consistently outstanding outcomes for children and young people
  • Regular consultation with a Clinical Psychologist
  • Well-designed house with comfortable rooms in a quiet residential area
  • Excellent links to local schools
  • Excellent evidenced outcomes for young people
Case Study

Andrew was described as having Autism and severe learning difficulties when he came to live at Links in 2012. Initially Andrew was unable to communicate effectively.

However, through support and guidance from the staff team at the home, the Speech Therapy team, the Educational team at his school and his parents, Andrew has grown to understand simple verbal instructions, responding to requests and questions in an appropriate manner.

When Andrew first came to live at Links he was on an additive free diet, despite there being no medical conditions attached to this diet. Menus were adapted in order to accommodate Andrew’s needs. Over time, Andrew trialled school dinners as a way of introducing foods containing additives back into his diet. In 2013, Andrew was introduced to a completely normal diet due to the success of school dinners and he now continues to eat a healthy and well balanced diet of different foods, some of which contain additives.

During his time at Links, Andrew has learnt to walk with a member of the staff team semi-independently. Andrew has gone from being risk assessed as a 2:1 in the community to now being a 1:1 when ‘out and about.’ Andrew now walks alongside a member of staff without the need to be held or restricted (apart from when crossing roads or being out in heavily populated areas).

Andrew now travels both comfortably and confidently on public transport and in taxis. Andrew is also growing in confidence when attending medical and dental appointments. He displays much greater maturity and tolerance than he has shown in these situations prior to coming to Links.

Andrew enjoys a busy social life outside of school; trampolining on a Monday, football on a Tuesday and swimming every other Friday. He regularly visits food and drink establishments and generally copes very well with the distractions of the environment. Andrew has enjoyed many holidays whilst living at the home, including several week long adventure holidays in the Lake District and school trips. Andrew’s family also now feel more confident in their ability to take him on holiday themselves.

Throughout Andrew’s time at Links he has maintained positive and meaningful contact with his family,returning home for overnight visits and every other weekend whenever possible.

Andrew has matured into a wonderful young man with great promise and potential for growth and development.

Andrew recently moved to a similar provision locally as an adult. The staff team at Links have high hopes for Andrew for the future and believe that with consistency, time and patience he will continue to further develop into adulthood as the young man that we will all be so proud of.

Therapeutic Input at Links Avenue

For quality and consistency Family Care employs its own therapeutic team. The team are all qualified therapists, registered with HCPC. It is clear that having expert therapeutic governance across all our services enhances risk management and provides a further layer of safeguarding not only the young people in our care but also for the teams caring for them. This approach also supports the organisation’s interaction with other agencies such as Local Authorities and CAMHS – particularly in cross boundary/out of area contexts.

Links receives support from an independent clinical psychologist who meets with the team once a month through a ‘consultation model’. Research shows that consultation is the most effective model of delivering therapeutic interventions, through a staff team, in a systemic way. This creates the ideal conditions for direct work where this is deemed appropriate.

At Family Care we believe that integrating clinical support into our learning disabilities service strengthens and empowers existing staff’s knowledge and skills. This improves team resilience, job satisfaction, helps to reduce staff turnover and contributes to consistently positive outcomes for the children and young people in our care.

The staff are highly professional and very approachable. They like my child and care about what happens to him and want to help him get as much out of life now and after he leaves them.
Parent - November 2014
This is a home that is flexible, accommodating, pro-active and has realistic but high aspirations for the children they look after.
Linked Professional - November 2014

Our work at Links Avenue is based around the following principals:

  • Putting the needs of the young people first
  • Exceeding the standards and expectations of all those that have an interest in the service
  • Efficient management of resources
  • Ongoing development of the staff team and maintaining effective communication

The team is led by example through team meetings, supervision, appraisal, training and informal support. Team members are treated with respect and sensitivity and are empowered to fulfil their role to the best of their ability. By sharing experience, attending training and working with other agencies, the team has built a core of knowledge that continues to develop and flourish in the best interest of the young people that live in the home.

Geoff Lygo - Manager

This is a home that has sustained outstanding judgements for its last five full inspections, including this one. This reflects the stability, desire, and commitment of the manager and staff team, who have worked together collectively for the last four years, to continually improve practice and ultimately, outcomes for young people.

Disability is not viewed as a barrier to enjoying a full, active and meaningful lifestyle. Despite their complex issues and vulnerability, young people lead a rewarding and active lifestyle where they experience outstanding outcomes in all areas of their lives.”

Ofsted 2014
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