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Foster Care Fortnight

April 23, 2018 | matt

With Foster Care fortnight ™ fast approaching, we thought there’s no better time to reflect on why this campaign is so important.  Every year thousands of children are placed into foster care.  You could help some of them.

Foster Care Fortnight

What is it?
Foster Care fortnight ™ is the Fostering Network’s annual campaign to raise the profile of fostering and how fostering changes lives.  It’s the UK’s biggest foster carer recruitment campaign and takes place this year from 14th – 27th May.

Why do we have it?
The need for more foster carers to come forward has arguably never been greater.  Recent research documented by has highlighted more children are being “looked after” by their local authority than any time since the mid-1980’s.  Over 7,000 new foster families are needed in the next 12-months alone to support a diverse range of children, particularly teenagers, sibling groups and disabled children.  Could you be one of them?

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What does it involve?
The Fostering Network’s primary aim is to raise awareness of the need for more foster carers to come forward.  It’s important to highlight that people from all sectors of society can be, and are, foster carers.

In addition to carer recruitment, the campaign highlights the commitment, dedication and passion of existing foster carers and the difference they make to the lives of children and young people in care.

But foster care doesn’t just transform childrens’ lives, it can also change the lives of foster carers and all those involved in the fostering role.  Foster Care Fortnight ™ shares stories of people who have had their lives transformed by foster care.  They do this through film, social media, blogs and lot’s more.  Check out these celebrity endorsments!

How can I help?
You can show your support to the Fostering Network directly by visiting this webpage and finding out more.  Supporters are encouraged through social media by sharing a picture of something they are proud of using the caption “I’m…and I’m #ProudToSupportFostering”.  Existing carers can use the hashtag ‘#ProudToFoster’.

-          I’m a mountain climber and I’m #ProudToSupportFostering
-          I’m a single parent and I’m #ProudToFoster
-          I live in Preston and I’m #ProudToFoster

You can also take a photo with one of the Fostering Network’s placards and tweet it or put it on Instagram.  Download the ProudToFoster placard or ProudToSupportFostering placard and get involved!

Anyone can share their support for fostering, and often the biggest pulling power comes from existing foster carers sharing their stories and spreading the word.  Encourage others to find out more by visiting our FAQ’s page or making an enquiry about becoming a foster carer.  You’ll never know until you ask!  After all, why couldn’t you foster?

Become a Foster Carer
At Family Care the process to become a foster carer takes between 4-6 months, so the sooner you enquire the sooner you could be supporting vulnerable children who need your help the most.

The role of a foster parent can be extremely rewarding.  All training is provided for free and Family Care will even fund a level 3 Diploma for the Children’s and young People’s workforce.  Carers are assigned a dedicated supervising social worker and receive a very competitive weekly allowance for each child in their care.  

There is no upper age limit for fostering, all you need is a spare bedroom and the time, energy and passion to support young people.  Make an enquiry today and transform your life and the life of a young person.  #GiveSomethingBack.  Become a foster carer!


If you would like to know more about Family Care Fostering and what we offer, then get in touch with us and we’ll tell you all about it!  You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter

Matt Holmes – Referrals and Recruitment Coordiantor at Family Care Group
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