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Eden School Described as 'Life Changing'

July 16, 2019 | matt

12-months ago Eden School could not be properly rated by Ofsted due to ‘insufficient evidence’.  Why?  Because no pupils had ever attended. 

Fast-forward to 2019 and parents are describing the school as ‘life-changing’ for their children and for them.

Eden School Celebrates Life Changing Comments

Ofsted officially released their inspection report on Monday 15th July and awarded Eden School a ‘Good’ rating overall, with ‘Outstanding’ judgements for Outcomes for pupils and Personal development, behaviour and welfare.  

“Parents and carers who spoke with the inspector felt that the school had made an immeasurable difference to their children. Parents commented that the work of the school had been ‘life changing’ for their children and for them.  The comment, ‘Eden has unlocked my child’s potential and given my child back their life,’ was a typical sentiment from parents.” Ofsted 2019.

Eden School is a specialist provision registered for up to 8 pupils aged six to sixteen with special educational needs.  The school offers a therapeutic curriculum tailored to each individual pupil which helps capture the pupils’ interest and ‘hook’ them into their learning.  Their motto is ‘be the best you can be’.

Central to its recent success has been Lead Teacher Jen Lamidey and Learning Support Assistant Kelly Boag-Munro, who work with the pupils on a day-to-day basis. 

Eden School Celebration web.jpg

Jen was previously the head of English at a large special school before taking the lead teacher role.

“I took this job to work with children whose needs could not be met within traditional services, the bespoke side of things is quite exciting really.  At Eden School we have the freedom to do something for pupils that other schools simply can’t do, it’s what makes us stand out.  We’ve created something slightly different with curriculums that are tailored to individual pupils, that’s why Ofsted rated us ‘Outstanding’ for children’s outcomes.”

Subjects include English, maths, science, history, geography and creativity, but the curriculum is flexible and adaptive to the needs of pupils on any given day, or over time. 

The first pupil to enrol had not been in consistent education for 7 years.  At Eden School, teaching emotional regulation is just as important as English and maths.  It is this approach which has allowed pupils to thrive and begin to enjoy their education for the first time.

 “The behaviour of pupils is outstanding.  Considering the difficulties that pupils have in managing their behaviour, pupils conduct themselves extremely well around school.  The school is typically a calm, orderly place, where pupils feel protected and able to learn” Ofsted 2019.

Eden School is part of the Family Care Group, a family-owned provider of services supporting children not only with their education, but also in residential care and fostering settings. 

Sarah Earing, Headteacher of Eden School and its sister school, Access School in Shropshire, commented;

"I am absolutely thrilled with this outcome for Eden School but especially for Jen and Kelly. The work they have done with the young people in less than an academic year is nothing short of phenomenal. The young people at Eden School are thriving and enjoying education for the first time in their lives. The needs of not only the young people but also the families are so carefully considered that the impact can also be felt outside of school. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for this little gem in Macclesfield"


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