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Could You Support Young Parents?

July 28, 2016 | phil

Today, Family Care launched a public appeal in a bid to find, recruit and train more ‘parent and child’ foster carers. Do you have the skills and experience to help new parents succeed?

In this article we explain what this type of fostering involves and look at both the rewards and the challenges of this type of work.

‘Parent and child’ foster placements are where foster carers provide guidance, mentoring and support for young parents and their babies. Most commonly, this will often be a mother, shortly after the birth where her new baby may well be the subject of care proceedings to look at whether the baby’s needs may be best met by them coming into care. As with all care proceedings, this process and decision rests with the Local Authority.

The role of ‘parent and child’ foster carers is to be supportive, encouraging and to provide a caring and nurturing environment for young parents and their children. Typically, placements tend to be a mother and her baby, although placements can sometimes involve fathers too. The role of ‘parent and child’ foster carers is to teach, observe and encourage parental capabilities in mothers and fathers whilst remaining focussed on ensuring the baby receives all they need from their parent or parents.

Traditionally ‘parent and child’ placements were used for younger mothers but this has changed in recent years. At Family Care, we often receive requests for us to find foster families for slightly older parents; frequently women in their twenties.

At the start of any ‘parent and child’ foster placement, risk assessments are completed and a plan is drawn up which includes the aims of the placement and the level of supervision that the parent requires with their child. This supervision may often fluctuate over time depending on how the placement goes.

One of the key differences between ‘parent and child’ fostering and other types of fostering is the assessments involved in these placements. Foster carers undertaking these placements receive comprehensive training in how to record their observations of the parent. Parents are fully aware of the foster carer being part of the assessment process.

‘Parent and child’ fostering if often complex but highly rewarding work. This is reflected in the funding we receive from Local Authorities and therefore the payments we can make to foster carers who provide these placements. Family Care provides bespoke training and can in addition organise tailored support packages to ensure any work undertaken stands the best chance of success.

This is a demand area for Family Care presently – there are parents that need support now

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