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What is Foster Care?

Foster care is providing a secure and caring home for children and young people who cannot be looked after by their families, either temporarily or permanently.

Young people enter the care system for a wide range of reasons. What is common across all children and young people placed in foster care is that they have had difficult life experiences and require a stable, nurturing and caring environment.

Why Foster?

There are thousands of children in care in the UK who desperately need good foster homes.

At Family Care, we provide ordinary people with the expertise to succeed as foster carers via our funded training programmes and by ensuring you receive generous fees for the high standards of care you provide – leaving you with time to focus on the most important things in your fostering career; supporting, encouraging and investing in children and young people who need it most.

Peoples’ motivation to foster can vary individually but almost all of these have a central theme - all our foster carers have a passion for positively changing the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable young people in care.

At Family Care, we have over 30 years’ experience of working with young people in care. During this time we have built up an enviable knowledge base and have grown a team of professionals we are very proud of who can support you day in day out on your fostering journey.


You will thrive fostering with Family Care because:


You will be treated as a professional

You’ll be part of our team and we are all committed to the highest standards of care.


Your earnings will be career level

This allows you to focus on what matters; the needs of children placed with you.


The rewards of seeing young people thrive are huge

You will become more and more inspired as your skills grow.


You will be trained to work with children therapeutically

You’ll be supported by experts at Family Care. The approaches you learn will ensure you are successful in your work with children by helping them to feel secure again.


You will develop a sense of belonging

You will get to know the Family Care team and your fellow foster carers in your area who will support you as you grow – you’re never alone.