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Want to foster?

We hope you’re here because you want to foster…but can you?

Fostering a child is an amazing and rewarding commitment that enhances many children’s lives, not to mention the positive effect fostering can have on foster carers themselves!

There are few barriers to people who wish to foster. What’s most important is that you have the energy and desire to help children and young people grow and develop whilst in your care.

There are many fostering myths so here is a list we have put together to show at a glance what is and what isn’t required:

You must have at least one spare bedroom

You must be 21 or over

You need to be a British Citizen or have permanent residency in the UK

You do not need to own the home you foster in

You can be out of work or unemployed when you apply

You can foster ‘full time’ – remuneration for foster carers is generous

You don’t have to have been a parent or have children of your own

You can foster regardless of gender, ethnicity, disability or sexual-orientation

You can be single or in a relationship

You don’t need qualifications or childcare experience - we pay for and provide your training

OK with the above and want to get started? Give us a ring or submit your details to arrange an informal chat – it’s as simple as that.