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Naomi and Dave

My husband and I initially began thinking about fostering after having our two children; at the time they were 2 and 3 years old. It had long been a dream of mine to offer a child the security of a loving home and I was very lucky that my husband also shared my view.

We chose to foster with Family Care because of its friendly close-knit feel. The assessment process took some time but it was thorough and it was not nearly as intimidating as I thought it might be. We had support and guidance from a wonderful social worker, who was open, honest and always available to us during the process. The ongoing training that Family Care deliver has helped immensely with understanding and supporting the young people that have come into our care.

Once we were approved it didn't take long for us to have a child matched to us.

Our first placement was a 13 year old girl who stayed with us for 12 months. My children loved having a big sister around. We’re now 10 years on and we are still in contact with her!

Our second placement was a 9 year old boy. Over the 9 years he has lived with us he has grown and matured into a wonderful young man. With our support he has managed to succeed in everything he has put his mind to. He is currently undertaking training with the RAF, an achievement by anyone's standards.

Fostering is challenging; it's hard work mentally and emotionally but there are rewards in bucket loads if you can stick with it – it’s changed our lives.

As foster carers we feel we have made a real difference to two children's lives. We have given them safety, security, love and understanding when they have needed it most and for that they have made the massive step of accepting us into their hearts.