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Lynn and Steven

We had thought about becoming foster carers for over ten years.  Some of the things that made us hesitate were concerns of what people would make of our past experiences, our doubts as to whether we would have the skills to be successful, our worries about the practicalities of becoming foster carers and the inevitable negative stories of fostering that we came across when researching.

The main things that motivated us to become foster carers were our own childhood experiences, reassurance from friends and family initially and then positive reassurances from the team at Family Care.  We researched many fostering agencies and quickly made our mind up that Family Care would suit us best, due to the ratio of personal support and they would give to us in comparison to other agencies and Local Authorities.

The whole assessment process and training was carried out professionally and thoroughly yet we were able to have a number of laughs along the way.  None of our questions were treated as silly or irrelevant, the quality of the training was good and when we asked to take a break during the process, Family Care supported us and never put pressure on us at any time.

Being foster carers has changed our lives and has provided us with many happy family memories, has given us opportunities to experience new things and build on our skills.  Fostering is 24/7, demanding, hard-work but the benefits you can bring to young people’s lives and futures by far out way any problems you encounter along the way. Remember, you will always have a professional team behind you, every step of the way.

So what are you waiting for?  Apply now and become part of this professional team.