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Carer Stories

Hear from foster carers first-hand about their experiences of fostering

Hearing from foster carers first-hand is some of the best advice we can give anyone thinking about this amazing role.  We made these videos last year for this exact reason.


Written Foster Carer Stories

Naomi and Dave

My husband and I initially began thinking about fostering after having our two children; at the time they were 2 and 3 years old. It had long been a dream of mine to offer a child the security of a loving home and I was very lucky that my husband also shared my view.

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Jo and Richard

Before fostering we worked full time. I worked for a global company and Richard worked as a manager for a truck parts company. In addition, we also ran a children’s club for 9 years at a local church we attended near a local council estate.

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Lynn and Steven

We had thought about becoming foster carers for over ten years. Some of the things that made us hesitate were concerns of what people would make of our past experiences, our doubts as to whether we would have the skills to be successful, our worries about the practicalities of becoming foster carers and the inevitable negative stories of fostering that we came across when researching.

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