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How we do it

At Family Care we have always believed that in order to provide safe, consistent and nurturing care to children we need to continually invest in and develop our staff teams.

Evidence suggests that for the ‘team around the child’ to provide effective care, professionals need to collaborate closely and share relevant and sensitive information.  The way we operate ensures our ‘team approach’ focuses on the best outcomes for the young people in our services.  

We want the best for the young people we support.  It's what gets us up in the morning and pushes us to invest in services that meet the standards these children deserve.  The Secure Base model gives us a framework to achieve this, backed by research and ringing public endorsements.  The amazing staff we have deliver this model to benefit the children and professionals they work so closely with.

Therapeutic Governance

We operate 'therapeutic governance' across all our services, informed by the Secure Base model (Schofield & Beek). This approach not only ensures that children across all our services receive the highest standards of therapeutically informed care but this also gives our foster carers and staff teams the chance to continually learn and develop strategies alongside a well-respected academic model.

Meet our Therapeutic Team

Kerry Robertson

Accredited Play Therapist/Filial-Coach
PTUK registration: 2005922

Kerry Robertson is an Accredited Play Therapist with 10+ years experience in supporting children and young people with a range of emotional, behavioral and social problems, including those with complex difficulties occurring as a direct result of trauma and abuse. Her qualifications include:

  • BA in Psychology combined with Counseling Skills
  • MA in Practiced Based Play Therapy
  • Training in Clinical Supervision
  • Training in Filial Mentoring/Coaching

Kerry is a registered member of PTUK, has personal liability insurance and a current DBS.  Kerry receives external Clinical Supervision and Psychologist Consultation to ensure the highest levels of practice.

Dr Kerry Audin

Clinical Psychologist
HCPC registration: PYL01834

Dr Kerry Audin is a Clinical Psychologist with 10+ years experience working with children and young people and their carers and families, particularly in residential settings, and also in foster care, schools and CAMHS. Dr Audin provides consultation to care teams and families, assessments and therapy with children, young people and adults, staff training, clinical supervision, and support with research/evaluation/outcomes monitoring. Her qualifications include:

  • Clinical Psychology Doctorate (ClinPsyD)
  • MSc Applied Positive Psychology
  • MSc Health Sciences
  • BSc Psychology

Dr Audin is self-employed and chartered with the British Psychological Society, has personal liability insurance, a current DBS, maintains CPD and receives clinical supervision.